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January 7, 2023

awnings pro meath motorized blinds meath

When is the best time to order blinds or awnings?

Terrace Awning, Pergola When?

  Blinds and awnings are products which we need not only over the summer when the hot sun is out. Imagine :

 The hot week arrived, you struggling to cover patio area to fully enjoy the weather and when you finally order a product it’s way to late, warm days are gone. who hasn’t experienced this ? That’s why you should think about getting an awning at least few weeks upfront. Also in the winter season many companies have promotions on all products such as awnings, roller blinds, Venetian blinds etc. and more flexible for fitting.

 You need to remember it takes 4-5 weeks from survey to the actual fitting, terrace awnings. In case of a pergola you would need another few weeks extra.

 Do not worry that you ordered an awning or pergola too early and you will not be using it till summer, it is also a great rain cover, so next time when you’re having a relaxing BBQ, and it starts raining you don’t need to hide everything in panic, All it takes is a singe push of a button and your pergola/awning will cover the area.

 Next time you will be prepared to enjoy your day out no matter the weather.

Roller blinds, Venetian blinds etc. When?

 They are all year products, and not only cover the window from sun but also can secure our privacy, perform decorative functions or upgrade our comfort when decided to motorize them.

 In this case a better question is not when, but which blinds I should pick.

 There is no bad or better products, it all depends from the costumers preference. A very popular choice are venetian blinds, they are very stylish and add a perfect touch to your living space, or if you want to choose comfort go with motorized roller blinds which make your busy life just a little easier. You can control the blinds with your phone from work, home and even when you’re on your holidays! But if you’re looking for an affordable cover then of course classic blinds will do the job.

 You don’t need to plan ahead if you choose to go with blinds because it only takes 1-2 weeks from the survey to the actual fitting.

 No matter what you decide to go with, it’ll complement your living space, comfort as well as secure your privacy! I hope that after reading this, you know what product you need/want and if you need to plan ahead or not. If you still have some questions, you can contact us at any time and we will do our best to answer as fast as possible!