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February 14, 2023

terrace awnings pro malahide

What for cover your window / terrace?

The Awning or pergola it is good solution?

What the different between awning and pergola.

The awning is a great thing that will cover your terrace but also the window. The advantage of the awning over all types of umbrellas is the ability to cover the largest area up to 12m x 4m and the ease of unfolding and folding every few seconds. The awning can be equipped with a wind sensor, which increases safety during strong winds, it will roll up the awning and protect us from damage.

Pergola It performs the same functions as awnings, with the difference that in the case of pergolas, we can easily cover the sides with glass or screen - vertical awnings, which creates a winter garden. The advantage is that the top and sides can be opened and closed, which gives us the precision of what exactly at the moment. The downside is that we always have a permanent structure on the terrace.

motorized blinds meath

Blinds for windows what type?

There are many curtains on the market to cover windows, doors or terraces. But which is best for you?

the question you should ask yourself is „what am I expecting/need?”

If the get function can work as Roman blinds the advantage of which is part of the amount of extracts that can wash some for curtains and use the same fabric, just extract day night blinds give a room a modern look give precise control on sunlight which flows into rooms and privacy.

horizontal blinds - venetian blinds super stylish and also very classic they give the interior a unique look, their advantage is quick and convenient control, they usually stay in the closed position and we operate by turning the slats with 2 strings. The main disadvantage of the blinds is the settling of dust on the slats, which can be difficult to clean.

If we consider comfort the answer is, electric blinds. These days, it's a simple matter. There are two options to choose from, battery and cabeld.
In the case of the cable version, it is worth preparing the cables when building / renovating the house to avoid running cables, which may increase the cost of the blinds.
The battery version is a much simpler, safer and interference-free connection. Cables are not needed, once every 6-12 months (depending on how they will be used) charge the blinds / blinds and that's it. No cables and clutter.

We can motorize any window covering. Even if you have a role in the house you can think about adding motors. Great stuff and very comfortable. And we control it using a remote control, smartphone or voice commands.

As there are many possibilities and this is only a small part of what you can use at home, the best solution is to make an appointment with a representative who will show you all the possibilities and tailor the product to your needs.