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Vertical Awnings

Vertical awnings meath

Awnings outdoor use for windows or if you like to cover garden bar or side area under the terrace awning. Awnings are available in manual version, Electro or Solar.

    The solar version awning blind can be controlled in one of 3 modes:

  • Automatic - automatic unfolding and rolling up of the awning depending on the degree of sunlight
  • Semi-automatic - automatic unwinding, rolling up with a remote control
  • Operation using the remote control. The remote is sold separately.

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Vertical awning VML

Awning VML

The awning is equipped with cords along which the beam with the attached material is guided. This solution allows to improve the aesthetics of the awning mounted on the window (no visible side guides), while maintaining the function of protection against heating.

Vertical awning VMZ

Awning ZIP

The awning fabric is running into channels. This solution allows to improve wind resistance and in blackout version block all the sunlight.

Vertical awning blind VMB

Vertical awning blind VMB

has similar features as an awning but differs from it in construction. The awning blind has a specially tilted beam, which, when activated, forms a small roof over a part of the window. Thanks to this construction, the marquisette can have a special material with a very dense weave and low heat permeability, and there will be enough natural light inside. This solution also allows easy access to the window sill and allows a view to the outside.

fabric clearance 10%

Awning clearance 10%

Price group 10% - material with 10% relative openness

fabric clearance 4%

Awning clearance 4%

Price group 4% - material with 4% relative openness

fabric clearance 1%

Awning clearance 1%

Price group 1% - material with 1% relative openness

fabric clearance 0%

Awning clearance 0% - blackout

Price group 0% - material with 0% relative openness

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Vertical awnings 2 year waranty that the material does not deform or let water through
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