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TERRACE AWNINGS on special made brackets

Height restrictions or obstructions are not a problem. Our specialized brackets enable awning installation on virtually any wall, ensuring versatility and convenience for your outdoor space..

    Awning on special made brackets :

  • When limited room
  • Painted same as awning construction
  • Shape for extend or rise up

Awning special made brackets

Awnings brackets.

    Awning PREMIUM Square cassette installed in Castleknock co. Dublin:

  • Size : 480cm x 350cm
  • Construction colour : Anthracite 7016
  • Fabric : R160
  • LED Lights Motorised with the wind sensor

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    Awning Semi cassette installed in Waterford co. Waterford:

  • Size : 410cm x 300cm
  • Construction colour : Anthracite 7016
  • Fabric : R554
  • Motorised with the wind sensor

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Best Service
Our mission is to give best solution for your pation/terrace. With highest quality materials to have a piece of mind for years and enjoy it.
10 years warranty
Dickson fabrics is top quality product fitted in awnings so it's 10 year waranty that the material does not deform or let water through
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We offer free measure and professional advice to make sure you get right awning fit to your needs
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